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The Price of the Work is fixed by a mathematical Formula based on the Distance between the Foundation Place, chosen as the sending place, and the Delivery Place (chosen by the buyer to receive the work).

The Foundation Place is the barycentre between the Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, the Palais de Tokyo – Site de Création Contemporaine, and the Mac/Val – Musée d’Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne, weighted against their respective active lifetime up to the 19th of May 2008
This Foundation Place corresponds to the Louvre Pyramid.

To calculate the Price of a Work Luc BARROVECCHIO will first use internet tools to evaluate the Distance between the Delivery Place (where you’d like to receive the Work) and the Foundation Place.

To calculate a rough estimate of the Distance you can use, among many, the following web site :

But to obtain a much more precise evaluation of the Price you should follow the next steps:

a) Chose your Delivery Place Address precisely.

b) Find the Longitude and the Latitude of your Delivery Place :
for instance with : http://perso.orange.fr/universimmedia/geo/loc.htm
using Google Maps.

c) Then copy and paste this Latitude and Longitude in :
And copy and paste the Foundation Place Latitude (48.86093161100844) and Longitude (2.33583927154541).

At his point you have a pretty accurate distance between the Foundation Place and the Delivery Place named D.

This Distance D (in kilometres) allow you to calculate the Price of the Work in Euros using the following Formula (that you can paste in Excel) :

With this Formula the Further the Cheaper!